About Us

DRAKE SPECIALE LLC was established by experienced trial lawyers. We take pride in the special attorney-client relationships we have built with our clients. Our philosophy is to maintain the highest ethical and intellectual standards of representation while providing excellence in legal services, and to do so cost effectively.

Individualized Client Representation: We understand that clients retain lawyers, not law firms, and we strive always to provide the highest caliber of personalized representation.

Billing Arrangements: Most of our representation is on the basis of our standard hourly rates, but we understand that some clients prefer alternative billing arrangements. We make every effort to accommodate those preferences whenever possible.

Dispute Resolution: As experienced trial lawyers, we know that our willingness to try a case is just as important as our understanding of when it is best not to take a case to trial. We do not hesitate to handle mediations, other negotiations and arbitrations, and will counsel clients on how to resolve disputes in a cost-effective way.